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Post  solarOrigins on Wed Feb 11, 2015 3:27 am

Jeff groaned as he looked at the box laden room. His week had been absolute shit. It had started with a phone call and those oh so infamous words 'There's been an accident' followed up by way too much begging and pleading from Dick to properly recall it without feeling a hit to his own masculinity.

Next thing he really knew is Dick bought him a nice big house with the promise of the arrival of his two 'new' charges by friday. Which was today. It was easy enough to move all their stuff within a week, but moving it and unpacking it within the time frame was unlikely. Only Dirk had managed (And he still wasn't sure how the little freak had managed it but he'd claimed to have a system.) and by the grace of his little heart (meaning Jeff had threatened him with punishment otherwise) had unpacked the kitchen too.

Checking his phone and sighing again, he left the room and went down to meet Jo and his little brothers. Thankfully Dave and Dirk were out with friends so this would be less awkward than it could be.


Hal slouched in the front seat. "This is stupid." he stated. "I had to drop halfway through the semester. All my projects had to be dismantled and I ripped my favorite poster trying to take it down."

"At least he waited until my physical therapy was done" DS stated, wiggling his thighs.
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